Quicki's Partnership Program

Do you have many employees or students who need to be screened for their Level 2 Backgrounds? Are you sick of the inconvenience of having to do your backgrounds done on someone else's time or find it too expensive? Maybe you're starting a business and want to hire the right people off the start. At Quicki, LLC, we value partnerships with our business. Our goal is time and cost effective solutions in the world of hiring. We truly change the game with our highly competitive contracted rates, mobile services, and 100% customer response time. Quicki's desire is to work on your clock and convenience. If your company can relate, contact us today for a demo and more information.

Below are some features that we offer by contracting with us:

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Contracted pricing

Upon determining your company's base and needs, and also which agency you're associated with, Quicki will quote you the most reasonable and affordable pricing. Quicki is known for our competitive rates and if you find the company you use now too expensive or inconvenient, we promise to beat that for your business. We offer 1 year renewal fixed pricing with our partnering companies!


Mobile Servicing

One of Quicki's most popular services is our Mobile Live-Scans. We save you the time by coming to your location and perform our operations on your time. Our mobile services are very simple, easy to arrange, and flexible to perform after-hours for large groups. Travel fees only applied to outside of Alachua County. 


Reliable-convenient vendor

Aside from our highly-attractive contracted pricingmobile live-scans, and the ability to invoice, we really value our customers' feedback, questions, and concerns. We update our companies on the process and status of the results, as well as making them a first priority among our network of partners. We become your most reliable-convenient vendor, helping you simplify your hiring needs through Quicki's affordable and convenient servicing.

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